The Bowan Island story starts in 1938.


Our sourdough starter was born over 85 years ago in the Pacific Northwest of North America. Finding its roots in a small community in the Vancouver Islands, our starter has been continually fed, nurtured and curated since. This has allowed it to develop the signature full-bodied flavour present in every Bowan Island loaf.

Chapter 01:
The Beginning.

February 1989

Sydney, Australia


Our founder returns from his travels in the Pacific Northwest, bringing back with him our sourdough starter that was gifted to him. He begins baking and opens Bowan’s first stall at the Rozelle Markets in Sydney, Australia

Chapter 02:
A Process Is Born..

April 1996

Sydney, Australia

Bowan Island’s First Artisan Bakehouse opens in Drummoyne, and is still open today. It was here we developed our signature cold fermentation process and dedication to using only the best, locally-sourced ingredients.



Chapter 03:
The Future Of Baking.

Present Day

Sydney, Australia

Bowan now has a state-of-the-art central bakehouse, where our bakers continue to make world-class pastries, sourdough & granola -blending artisanal methodology with innovative new methods to deliver a superior product.